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Buy Cytarabine 100mg Injection

Buy Cytarabine 100mg / ml Injection Online - Cytarabine 500mg

Cytarabine 100mg / ml Injection - Cytarabine 500mg

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1 Vial Cytarabine Injection 100 mg (1 ml vial) $ 46.99 $ 46.99
3 Vial Cytarabine Injection 100 mg (vial de 1 ml) $ 46.33 $ 138.99
1 Vial Inyección de citarabina 500 mg (vial de 5 ml) $ 64.99 $ 64.99
3 Vial Cytarabine Injection 500mg (vial de 5 ml) $ 61.66 $ 184.99


Cytarabine Injection 100mg / ml se usa en el tratamiento de la leucemia aguda (cáncer de la sangre) y de algún otro tipo de cáncer de la sangre como la leucemia mielógena crónica, leucemia meníngea Funciona deteniendo o ralentizando el crecimiento de células cancerosas anormales en la sangre y liberando la enfermedad del cuerpo.

¿Cuál es el mecanismo de acción de Cytarabine 100mg?

Cytarabine 100mg Injection || | 347 contains chief active constituent Cytarabine. Es un agente antimetabólico. Inhibe la síntesis de ADN de las células cancerosas. La citarabina inhibe la acción de la enzima ADN polimerasa. Es responsable de la replicación del ADN y de crear nuevas células cancerosas en el cuerpo. Al bloquear la acción de esta enzima, la producción de células cancerosas también se detiene.

¿Cuáles son las principales contraindicaciones asociadas con la inyección de citarabina de 100 mg?

  • Do not take Cytarabine Injection if you are allergic to it.
  • Use of Cytarabine 100mg Injection is not safe in case of liver and kidney disease.
  • If a patient has a history of bone marrow depression then use of Cytarabine Injection is not safe.

What Is The Effect of Other Drug With Cytarabine 100mg Injection?

  • This drug should not be used with cardiac glycoside (Digoxin).
  • It should not be used antifungal drug (Flucytosine).
  • This medicine should not be taken with antibiotics (Gentamicin) because Cytarabine decreased the effectives of this drug.

How To Take The Dose of Cytarabine 100mg Injection?

Cytarabine Injection is available in different strengths and according to the body weight and size the dose of the drug is prescribed. It is given intravenously or intramuscularly with the help of heath care provider.

What happens in case of missed dose?

If you miss the dose of a drug then take the dose as soon as you remember.

What happens in case of over dose?

If accidently patient consumes a large dose of Cytarabine and you see a symptoms like collapsing or not breathing properly then immediately call a doctor or take a help from poison control.

What Is The Storage Condition For Cytarabine 100mg Injection?

Store Cytarabine 100mg Injection in air tight container at room temperature. Keep away from the excess of children, heat and moisture.

What Are The Possible Side Effects of Cytarabine 100mg Injection?

Side effects are those symptoms which may or may not be seen in the people. The common side effects include: diarrohea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, rash, fainting, chest pain, confusion and shortness of breath.

What Are The Special Precaution Should We Take Before Using Cytarabine 100mg Injection?

  • Cytarabine 100mg Injection should not be used by pregnant or breast feeding women.
  • Cytarabine Injection should not be used with herbal, vitamins and minerals products.
  • Do not operate machine or drive car, if you are taking therapy with Cytarabine Injection.
  • If you are taking Cytarabine therapy then avoid the use of any kind of immunization and vaccination.

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