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Buy Careprost Plus Eye Drops

Buy Ganfort Careprost Plus Eye Drops

Generic Bimatoprost and Timolol - Careprost Plus Eye Drops

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Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops & nbsp; es un medicamento potencial que generalmente se usa para el tratamiento del glaucoma y para pestañas más largas y gruesas. Careprost Plus gotas para los ojos es un medicamento combinado que contiene dos ingredientes activos conocidos como Bimatoprost y Timolol Maleate. Se prepara como 0.3% y 0.5% W / V. Genérico Bimatoprost y Timolol también se comercializa como Ganfort.

Bimatoprost comes under the class of prostaglandin analogue that works by decreasing the pressure in the eye. It usually mimics the action of a naturally occurring prostaglandin. It increases the numbers of hairs in the anagen phase by increasing the duration of this particular phase. Prostaglandins are a group of natural body chemicals found in many places in the body.

Timolol is a class of medication known as beta-blocker. It blocks beta-receptors in various parts of the body. By blocking beta receptors in the eye reduces the amount and inflow of aqueous humour that is produced.

How To Use Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops?

For eyelashes: For the application of Careprost Plus, wash your face and eye properly to remove all the makeup. You have to use your finger to hold the fine brush then dip the applicator in the solution and apply on the margin of the eyelid and close your eyes for 2 minutes so that the solution will be easily absorbed by the eyelid. Use it for 12 to 16 weeks for longer eyelashes.

For glaucoma: You have to use inside the eye 1 to 2 times in a day regularly.

What Are The Contraindications Of Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops?

  • If you are allergic to active ingredient generic Bimatoprost and generic Timolol in that case you should not use Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops.
  • Careprost Plus is not allowed in the case of glaucoma or eyelashes at the same time, use only for one disease.

What Are The Side Effects Of Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops?

While using Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops you may feel some unwanted effects may appear such as dizziness, watering or dry eyes, mild eye discomfort, burning or stinging sensation in the eye.

Some Precautionary Measures That Should Be Followed While Taking Careprost Plus/Ganfort

  • You may feel blurred vision after applying Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops so does not drive just after the use of this medication.
  • You have to remove your contact lenses before using Careprost Plus (Ganfort) Eye Drops.

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