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Himalaya Amalaki Herbal Antioxidant

Himalaya Amalaki - Herbal Antioxidant

Herbal Antioxidant - Himalaya Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry)

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120 Cápsulas Himalaya Amalaki (Grosella espinosa india) - Antioxidante a base de hierbas $ 0.11 $ 13.23
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Descripción del detalle de la grosella espinosa india Himalaya Amalaki

Cápsulas de Himalaya Amalaki son la rica fuente de grosella espinosa india. Las cápsulas de Himalaya Amalaki lo disfrutan preparando la nutrición para el tracto digestivo. Amalaki tiene mejores propiedades tanto para la nutrición interna como externa de la piel y las arterias. Las cápsulas de Himalaya Amalaki son un valioso purificador de sangre y rejuvenecedor de hígado. Amalaki es una preparación a base de hierbas y se extrae directamente de la fruta del árbol amla, que comúnmente se conoce como grosella espinosa india. Amla absorbe mejor el hierro.

Régimen de dosis de Himalaya Amalaki Indian Gooseberry

Las cápsulas de Himalaya Amalaki suelen estar disponibles en forma de cápsula para enmascarar el sabor ácido del extracto de amla fruit || | 330 . Las cápsulas de Himalaya Amalaki nutren al cuerpo humano en su conjunto ya que la medicina está teniendo infinitos beneficios para contrarrestar todos los diferentes tipos de "doshas" o dolencias que prevalecen en el cuerpo.Take 1-2 capsules twice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Mechanism by which Himalaya Amalaki Indian gooseberry promotes human health

Himalaya Amalaki capsules are a Calcium Channel blocker and it reduces the amount of calcium entering the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels and heart. Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction and muscle movement. Thus causing the muscles to relax and dilate blood vessels. Hence, reduces blood pressure and increases the oxygen as well as nutrition supply to the body.

Himalaya Amalaki capsule is an excellent liver rejuvenator and balances the blood sugar level of the body. Himalaya Amalaki capsules also supports and improves the health of reproductive system. It also stabilizes the energy levels of the body. Not only this, Amla also promotes the good cholesterol level in the body. Thus helps in cleaning the artery walls. Himalaya Amalaki capsules are protector and tonic for promoting gastric health and improve the health of eyes, skin, and hairs too. Himalaya Amalaki capsule is an excellent blood purifier and active digestive awaking agent. It also improves the health of mind and refreshes the same. Himalaya Amalaki capsules brings up radiance and clarity to your face and sometimes available in a topical form for the same purpose as said.

Precautions for Himalaya Amalaki Indian Gooseberry

  • The use of Himalaya Amalaki capsules in pregnancy is not advised, as the capsule increase the mobility of gastric and intestinal region so might not be so safe for the newborn.
  • Don't drive vehicle or operate machinery if you are countering dizziness after the use of medication

Side effects of Himalaya Amalaki Indian Gooseberry

Some patients may counter some side effects like Dizziness, Drowsiness, muscle fatigue, slight headache and stomach upset but is not so frequent in all the individuals.

Storage conditions for Himalaya Amalaki Indian Gooseberry

Keep Himalaya Amalaki Indian gooseberry capsules in a cool and dry place. Recap the bottle after use. Do not touch the capsules with wet hands.

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